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Today at 1:30 p.m. ET: Housing update from Washington on Section 3 Guidance and the Davis-Bacon Proposed Rule

Today: Webinar: MTW Expansion Cohort #4 – what is it and how to apply?

HUD Proposes Final Rule to the FSS Program

Wednesday: Webinar: MTW Expansion Cohort #4 – what is it and how to apply?

Thursday: Housing Update from Washington on Section 3 Guidance and the Davis-Bacon Proposed Rule

Next week’s webinar: MTW expansion cohort #4 – what is it and how to apply?

New NAHRO AMS to provide improved customer experience

Today: Join NAHRO CEO and Legislative Affairs for a Conversation on Advocacy

Thursday: Join NAHRO CEO and Legislative Affairs for a conversation on advocacy 

A message from NAHRO CEO Mark Thiele

NAHRO celebrates National Community Development Week

Deadline extended to April 29! Apply for an Award of Merit and showcase your agency’s best work!

This Thursday: Join NAHRO for a Housing Update from Washington on the President’s 2023 Budget

President releases FY 2023 budget proposal

NAHRO appoints CEO

San Diego Housing Commission report on affordability wins national award

Next Week: Join NAHRO for our Online Washington Conference!

NAHRO Board of Governors appoints Mark Thiele as NAHRO Chief Executive Officer

Join us for vital sessions on public housing, vouchers, RAD, LIHTC and more!

Today: Join NAHRO for a housing update from Washington on Appropriations

President Biden signs $4 billion increase in HUD spending, reauthorization of VAWA

Thursday: Join NAHRO for a Housing Update from Washington on Appropriations

Congress approves FY 2022 Appropriations Bill

Raise your voice at NAHRO’s Virtual Hill Day!

House approves $4 billion increase in HUD spending, reauthorization of VAWA

Raise your voice at NAHRO’s Virtual Hill Day!

TODAY: Housing Update from Washington: Expedited Waivers and SEMAP/PHAS

Statement from NAHRO Interim CEO on State of the Union Address

Expedited waiver notice deadline is extended till April 1

Join NAHRO for a housing update from Washington on appropriations!

This week: Join NAHRO for a housing update from Washington on appropriations

Funding delays worry housing advocates

PHAS assessments to resume for FYE 2022

TODAY: Updated Waiver Guidance for 2022 e-Briefing

This week: updated waiver guidance for 2022 e-Briefing

Next week: updated waiver guidance for 2022 e-Briefing

Join NAHRO this Thursday for a Housing Update from Washington on the Build Back Better Act

Join your colleagues to support Build Back Better

Area youth shares “What home means”

The U.S. ignored public housing. Here’s what happened

National News:

Counties pledge to break the cycle between jail and homelessness

HUD announces $10.3 billion in grants for housing and community development activities across U.S. (Press release)

The U.S. housing market has peaked

Why ADUs can’t solve the nation’s housing crisis

1 in 6 Americans live in areas with significant wildfire risk (Subscription required)

America’s new landlord: private equity (Upcoming webinar

Biden administration unveils action plan to boost affordable housing 

Biden Administration targets housing supply shortage (Subscription required)

Homelessness is a housing and racism problem

Housing costs rise at the fastest pace in decades — but some Americans are already feeling the brunt

Rising home prices are leading to fears of a new housing bubble

Why did U.S. cities resegregate?

The good and bad news about housing for LGBTQ Americans

CDFI has a new tool to boost minority homeownership

Federal eviction protection program doubles to $20 million

Giving ex-prisoners public housing cuts crime and re-incarceration – and saves money

On one-year anniversary of innovative “Faircloth-to-RAD” initiative, HUD on track ot create nearly 1,850 new affordable housing units (Press release)

What happened to those Build Back Better housing investments?

Regulators propose first major revamp to fair housing rules since 1995

Rising rates will cool the housing market. But a crash is unlikely. (Subscription required)

Wages can’t keep up with spike in housing prices (Subscription required)

ADUs: defined, disambiguated, and debated

Environmental racism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (video)

Study identifies way to predict homelessness among veterans before they leave the service

Biden wants to move faster sending disaster aid to states

What does affordable housing do to nearby property values?

Eviction filings are up sharply as pandemic rental aid starts to run out

How not to build affordable housing (opinion + subscription required)

The extraordinary wealth created by the pandemic housing market (subscription required)

Homeless shelters begin to see value in making room for pets

How much time does trauma-informed community building take? It’s complicated

How an obscure HUD definition is leaving housing dollars unspent

How to fight the affordable housing and climate crises at once

Eviction reduction should be an explicit goal of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program

New data shows who, exactly, got evicted the most during the pandemic

Sweeping homeless encampments is cruel and unacceptable (Column)

Understanding the U.S. housing crisis in an era of inflation

Elon Musk throws spotlight on homelessness with Twitter office idea

Exclusive: HUD unveils plan to help people with a criminal record find a place to live

Biden administration appoints ‘Racial Equity Czar’ to join HUD

National Community Development week (press release)

Surge in evictions could leave tenants without attorneys

America’s homeless ranks graying as more retire on streets

How an eviction prevention program emerged after the moratorium ended

“Managed retreat” is a terrible way to talk about responding to climate change

Reducing affordable housing barriers will be critical to addressing the mounting rental crisis

HUD commemorates National Fair Housing Month 2022 (Press release)

Developers are turning to master-planned communities to solve the housing affordability crisis

How the company behind TikTok’s viral 3D-printed houses wants to help solve the affordable housing crisis

How to convince people to leave homes at serious risk from climate change

How to solve the housing crisis with one weird trick

Rent relief helped prevent more than one million evictions in 2021

Rising costs at U.S. food banks mean people who need it most are getting less

Housers build bridges over the digital divide

What happens when a family finally gets off the housing voucher waiting list

Biden administration takes on racial disparities in home valuations

Rising interest rates will shift housing’s foundations (subscription required)

What climate change will mean for your home (subscription required)

Americans are spending way too much on housing, data shows

How the pandemic housing market spurred buyer’s remorse across America

HUD to send out nearly $3 billion in disaster relief grants

Analysis: Rural America loses affordable rental housing at an alarming rate

Lack of new construction and corporate landlords contributing to skyrocketing rent (Video)

People told the homeless to go to shelters after D.C., NYC attacks. But they can be worse.

Housing crunch turns employers into landlords

Treasury shifts $377 million among states as pandemic housing aid dries up (Subscription required)

Making housing for everyone a reality

The great housing inflation as a long-term policy failure

Dot’s home, a computer game, addresses history of housing discrimination

Evictions are back. Black renters are suffering the most – again.

Rental housing at risk from environmental hazards

Return to the office? Not in this housing market

Want landlords to lease to families with housing vouchers? Try asking in new ways

Redlining means 45 million Americans are breathing dirtier air, 50 years after it ended (Subscription required)

U.S. housing wealth skewed even more toward affluent over past decade (Subscription required)

3 million evictions avoided during the pandemic

Blaming redlining is too easy (Opinion)

Omnibus talks appear on track; House vote expected Wednesday

Minimum wage hikes linked to reduced eviction risk: Research

Make improvements not more rules for Section 8 vouchers (Opinion)

One radical idea to solve America’s housing crisis.

The housing crisis led them to basement apartments. Climate change flooded them out.

As Biden pivots, Democrats seek to salvage his domestic agenda (Subscription required)

Wolf of Main Street

Cooperatively owned builder sees affordable housing, climate action in ‘Granny Flats’

Getting the most out of American Rescue Plan housing funds requires local governments to plan ahead

Federal legislation could tackle the racial gap in home appraisals

Affordable housing crisis could get even worse, HUD secretary warns in Easton: ‘We should be ashamed’

Centering racial equity is critical to ending homelessness

One in 10 homes in the US affected by climate change disasters in 2021, report says

What American cities can learn from Britain’s once-vast public housing system

Reimagining the possibilities for affordable housing in a climate risk environment

Do trailer parks and mobile homes have a future as affordable housing?

Landlords finding ways to evict after getting rental aid

States’ Build Back Better plans for affordable housing hinge on innovators (Column)

Amid a housing crisis, renters challenge firms they say are being exploitative

U.S. housing affordability worsens (Subscription required)

Marcia Fudge is trying to decide which fire to put out first

With evictions on the rise, House Democrats team up to push new housing protections

Tiny homes, big dreams: How some activists are reimagining shelter for the homeless

Two fires tell the tale of the US housing crisis (Podcast)

HUD report finds overall drop in homeless last year

Is the ‘American Dream’ of homeownership a false promise?

‘Homelessness is lethal’: US deaths among those without housing is surging

U.S. housing costs surge, with no end in sight

The rise of Greenflation

Why the U.S. needs a national zoning atlas

As more workers stay remote, developers eye the prospects of turning empty offices into housing

HUD prioritizes climate change mitigation, economic equity in block grants

Rents are up 40 percent in some cities, forcing millions to find another place to live (Subscription required)

White House taps anti-racist consultant as new czar on homelessness

The evictions that landlords got away with during the pandemic

Why renters are uniquely vulnerable to climate disasters

Homeless camps are often blamed for crime but experts say it’s not so simple

Report: Owning is more affordable than renting in most housing markets (Subscription required)

Watchdog: HUD disaster relief could use better data collection, analysis

Report: Rental housing demand rebounds

Recent public housing fires are a wake-up call for reform

3 ways to reinvent affordable housing in a post-pandemic world

Missed measurement: We have no idea how many evictions there are

A growing share of Americans say affordable housing is a major problem where they live

U.S. housing starts rise unexpectedly on multifamily building (Subscription required)

How the White House hopes to save Biden’s Build Back Better bill

It should take more than 10 minutes to evict someone (Subscription required + opinion)

Could a 54-year-old civil rights law be revived?

New FEMA program would place homeless disaster survivors in apartments instead of trailer parks (Subscription required)

So your city can’t implement inclusionary zoning under state law. Maybe there’s another way.

Creating affordable housing in rural America

These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They’re also built out of trash. (Subscription required)

Housing costs swell, hampering home buyers and pushing up rents. (Subscription required)

Shared housing tackles loneliness in homeless services

What happened to the eviction tsunami?

‘Magic’ multigenerational housing aims to alleviate social isolation (Subscription required)

How the pandemic supercharged sprawl

Tribal communities welcome federal relief funds to help ease housing issues (Radio)

Why some cities are operating legal homeless camps even in the dead of winter

Your lease is bad because your landlord found it online

Apartment occupancy just hit a historic high. Is that good?

Evictions rising now that pandemic moratorium has been lifted

How 3D printing can be the solution to the nation’s affordable housing crisis

New local laws aim to stop rising evictions (Subscription required)

Here we go again: Build Back Better is back on the Senate stage (Subscription required)


State News: 

San Antonians get rewarded for housing self sufficiency

New Texas plan for federal Hurricane Harvey aid yields same old result: Funds diverted away from Gulf Coast

Camp Hope in Las Cruces helps end homelessness for dozens, executive director says

Black communities are last in line for disaster planning in Texas (Subscription required)

New program to boost underrepresented developers and affordable housing in Dallas (Video)

Eviction filings in Texas’ major cities reach new highs since pandemic began

‘Slab farming’– the latest DIY solution to Texas’ affordable housing crisis

A one-woman rescue squad for homeless students (Subscription required)

San Antonio Housing Authority celebrates opening of new affordable housing complex

The apartment complex didn’t have hot water for over a year. Then the tenants were evicted. (Subscription required)

New community health clinic coming to East Austin affordable housing complex

Tenants groups call for HUD to take action against major chain of subsidized housing complexes (Subscription required)

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge announces $45 million for the homeless in Houston

Here’s why a for-profit company is buying homes to rent to Section 8 tenants

HUD: Texas discriminated against communities of color when allocating hurricane relief aid

In Dallas, the toxic legacy of zoning lingers

CVS Health to invest $15.3 million in affordable housing in San Antonio (Press release)

They were worried their rent would rise, but nonprofit Avenue has kept residents’ apartments affordable (Subscription required)

DHA shows zero findings from independent audit report for seventh consecutive year (press release)

Texas tenants hit with soaring rent increases see little relief in sight

Mission Housing Authority restructures, welcomes new board members

HABD’s David Northern Sr. named head of Houston Housing Authority

Texas eviction filings among the nation’s highest as millions of rent relief dollars go unspent

Converted Fort Worth hotel provides hope and a model to end chronic homelessness

This city has a new way to fight homelessness with COVID aid

20 people relocated from north Austin encampment to transitional housing

Study: Waco’s affordable housing options shrinking for those on the bottom

Home prices soared during the pandemic. Here’s what that looks like in one East Texas city.




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