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House committee holds hearing on housing as key to Building Back a Better America

NAHRO’s in-depth analysis of FY 2022 Senate THUD bill

Spartanburg Housing Authority wins national award for after-school ‘homework club’

New public housing? HUD has found a way

Call-in day for historic housing investments

HUD Secretary Fudge to speak at National Conference!

NAHRO congratulates James Arthur Jemison II for his nomination as HUD Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing

House Committee proposes $80B infrastructure investment in public housing 

Last day to send August Advocacy letters!

More money coming for housing as crises mount

Joe Biden’s homebuyer tax credit not enough to fix America’s housing crisis

Increased demand for affordable housing requires integrated solutions

As evictions loom, rent is ‘out of reach’ for most low-wage workers across US, report shows

Rental aid emerges as new housing fight after eviction ban

Out of the Pandemic, A Better Approach to Homelessness

Low-income housing tax credit briefs

UPDATE: Eviction moratorium expires; NAHRO urges extension

Leading Age steps up campaign for affordable housing for older Americans

Join us on July 15 for housing is infrastructure call-in day!

Djamila Cabugos named to Rona Barrett Foundation board

National News:

Build Back Better Framework (Press release)

Congress isn’t going to save the housing market

Democrats race to reach deal on economic initiatives as Biden prepares to depart on foreign tour (Subscription required)

Housing advocates fight to maintain place in social-spending bill

HUD officially extends its programs to Cherokee Freedmen descendants (Subscription required)

Why some bankers are rushing to settle U.S. redlining probes

Affordable housing is critical infrastructure — its funding doesn’t show it (Opinion)

Less than a quarter of eviction aid disbursed, Treasury says

Can new construction methods lower the cost of housing?

Residents in decaying public housing see futures on the line as Democrats trim spending bill

Can new construction methods lower the cost of housing?

Cities’ answer to sprawl? Go wild.

Where President Biden’s economic plan appears to stand right now: From taxes to climate policy to Medicare to immigration (Subscription required)

Democrats weigh slashing $200B in housing aid from spending bill

The ‘broadband gap’ is now a housing problem

The simplest fix to America’s rent problem

Housing is the great endangered necessity of the Build Back Better Bill

VA, HUD-VASH and nonprofit secure safe housing for older Veterans

Where are COVID rescue funds going? The place with pervasive, ‘urgent’ need: Housing (Subscription required)

Build Back Better’s housing investments at risk

How to make universal vouchers actually work

As rents rise, so do pressures on people at risk of eviction (Subscription required)

Funding fight threatens plan to pump billions into affordable housing (Subscription required)

Including housing voucher funds in Democrats’ reconciliation bill is the first challenge. Getting landlords to accept them is another

Federal housing spending might be cut from Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget

Mass evictions didn’t result after U.S. ban ended, despite fears (Subscription required)

Opinion: HUD must disclose flood risk to protect low-income homebuyers (Opinion)

What’s driving the huge U.S. rent spike?

Biden administration releases alarming reports on climate change challenges

Can Biden deliver on his promise to expand housing vouchers?

Could collective ownership of housing and land help solve the housing crisis?

Extreme heat caused by urbanization, global warming threatening cities: study

A top House progressive says $1.5 trillion is not enough to pass social spending plan

The rent help is too damn slow (Planet Money-Podcast/Radio)

Congressional Democrats’ infighting is jeopardizing a historic expansion of housing access

‘The moratorium saved us. It really did.’ (Opinion + subscription required)

‘Cast out, unwanted, invisible’: homeless in America – in pictures (Photo essay)

One reason rent relief isn’t getting out

Freddie Mac finds ‘pervasive’ bias in home appraisal industry

Most rental aid went unspent in August, sparking Treasury warning

The feared eviction ‘tsunami’ has not yet happened. Experts are conflicted on why. (Subscription required)

For many families world-wide, a dream home is out of reach (Subscription required)

How lawyers could prevent America’s eviction crisis from getting a whole lot worse

Pelosi steers Dems toward infrastructure vote, without spending bill in tow

When real estate agents led the fight against fair housing

A federal program aimed at halting evictions is showing signs of improvement. (Subscription required)

Closing the funding gap for housing developers of color

US Democrats face consequential week on infrastructure overhaul

Evicted in less than 10 minutes: courts fail tenants broken by pandemic

More Americans are moving into fire-risky areas

More rental aid is reaching tenants to stave off eviction

Can the Biden Admin ‘House America’?

How a hot housing market exacerbates inequality

How to convert hotels into housing for the homeless

Rep. Bush, Sen. Warren introduce bill to reinstate federal eviction moratorium

A new housing regulator could make the American dream more accessible for millions

The Biden Administration pushes cities to get serious about homelessness

Infrastructure summer: A surprisingly radical housing bill

Sec. Fudge says HUD “could do better” on rental aid outreach

U.S. HUD eases rules to speed funds to aid homeless

In overturning the eviction moratorium, the Supreme Court continues its history of harming Black households

Treasury to release more rental aid to avert evictions

You can’t stop evictions if you don’t pay people’s rent

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge on the efforts to avert pandemic housing crisis (Radio)

Millions of older Americans live on the economic edge—evictions will send them into homelessness

The federal government sells flood-prone homes to often unsuspecting buyers, NPR finds

A factory-built home as a means to affordable housing (Subscription required)

In defense of the “gentrification building”

The coming wave of evictions is more than a housing crisis

Why $46 billion couldn’t prevent an eviction crisis (Subscription required)

Biden is directing federal aid to New Jersey and New York after Ida’s deadly flooding

How climate disasters worsen housing disasters

The affordable housing shortage is hurting Afghan refugees

Housing organizations pivot to provide COVID testing and vaccinations

The end of the eviction moratorium is a wake-up call for democratic lawmakers

The housing shortage is significant. It’s acute for small, entry-level homes

Q&A: How to put racial equity at the heart of community development

Housing advocates warn of impending crisis for tenants as eviction bans, unemployment benefits end

Don’t mind the gap in intergenerational housing (Subscription required)

Landlords crushed by eviction bans rush to sell properties, stifling rental market

White House to unveil steps aimed at easing housing supply shortage (Subscription required)

Evictions reckoning: Landlord-tenant tension at breaking point

The national eviction ban is over. But renters still can’t be forced out in these states

Where will the eviction wave hit? Follow the big landlords

With eviction moratorium gone, 3.5 million U.S. households could lose their home, Goldman Sachs estimates

‘Nobody is this incompetent’: Rental aid slowdown puts target on governors, mayors

Evictions are increasing as judges grow tired of the national moratorium  (Subscription required)

Supreme Court throws out Biden administration eviction moratorium

About 89% of rental assistance funds have not been distributed, figures show (Subscription required)

Universal housing vouchers: a promise or pipe dream?

Child tax credit payments would up average monthly income for HUD-assisted families by about 38 percent: report

Denser cities could be a climate boon – but nimbyism stands in the way

In this housing boom, mortgages are for losers (Opinion)

Moving target on eviction ban is ‘whiplash’ for landlords

A family struggles to find housing on the front lines of the climate crisis (Film)

Airbnb to offer free housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees (Subscription required)

One way to tackle extreme poverty: replace dirt floors

Another climate risk for cities: Higher borrowing costs

How one universal basic income experiment is helping the homeless get off the streets

Landlords again ask Supreme Court to block Biden administration’s eviction moratorium

Universal Housing Vouchers: A Promise or a Pipe Dream? 

FY 2021 CoC NOFO Released

Transitional housing helps homeless youth get on their feet

How the US made affordable homes illegal  (Video)

Suffering landlords are Washington ‘s new eviction problem

What if disinvested communities had real power to allocate federal budget aid for local governments?

How state and local governments can avoid mass evictions (Opinion)

HUD, FHFA pact redoubles fair housing enforcement for Fannie, Freddie

The eviction moratorium limbo laid bare the system’s extreme dysfunction (Opinion + Subscription required) 

America’s housing crisis is a choice (Opinion + subscription required)

Bidding wars erupt for renters as the economy recovers in a hot housing market

Nearly half of American workers don’t earn enough to afford a one-bedroom rental

The eventual end of the eviction moratorium will hurt renters – and not in the way you expect

Evicted, despite a federal moratorium: ‘I do not know what I am going to do’ (Subscription required) 

Tall buildings: Good for the housing crisis, bad for the climate crisis

More people live in flood zones than previously thought

 Senate set to pass $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill as Democrats move ahead with economic plan

With tenants who won’t pay or leave, small landlords face struggles of their own (Subscription required)

Eviction moratorium ‘s renewal squeezes small landlords (Subscription required)

The stigma of a scarlet E (Subscription required)

Rental aid emerges as new housing fight after eviction ban

Is an Infrastructure investment in housing on its way?

It’s time to make a long-term investment in housing vouchers (Opinion)

To get federal rent relief from tenants, landlords file evictions against them

Rental aid emerges as new housing fight after eviction ban

CDC extends modified eviction moratorium

Everywhere you look America’s housing crisis is getting worse

Last-minute eviction ban extension fuels confusion and is too late for some (Subscription required)

Out of the pandemic, a better approach to homelessness

The lapsed eviction moratorium is the Supreme Court ‘s fault

White House calls on states to do more after federal eviction ban expires

The national eviction ban will expire in 2 days. Renters in these states are still protected

Where eviction risk is high, covid vaccination rates are low

A historic eviction crisis could be coming to the U.S. in days, this housing expert warns

The infrastructure plan: What ‘s in and what’s out (subscription required)

Will the White House extend the eviction moratorium again?

How the Fed should be helping housing

HUD announces new COVID-19 recovery loss mitigation options

The time tax

States are buying hotels to provide short and long-term housing for wildfire survivors

‘Unprecedented spike’ in U.S. evictions looming as ban expires

End of eviction moratorium puts many tenants at risk of losing their homes (Subscription required)

Housing Discrimination: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Video)

Why empty offices aren’t being turned into housing, despite lengthy vacancies

America ‘s houses are old. Low-income renters are suffering because of it.

Short-term fixes aren’t enough to solve America’s looming eviction crisis  (Opinion)

Hopes for generational investment in housing fade in DC

HUD proposes looser safety requirements in public housing despite tenant concerns

Republicans hammer HUD chief over sluggish rental aid

Treasury distributes $1.5 billion in rental assistance in June as eviction moratorium end looms

As disasters spiral, cities confront need for climate adaptation

The pandemic safety net is coming apart. Now what? (Subscription required)

The week ahead: HUD to outline its equitable housing goals on the Hill

As HUD proposes weaker safety rules, Congress proposes new tenant rights bill

Biden renews push for housing in infrastructure plan

Rents are out reach for most Americans earning minimum wage, a study says

White House to hold second eviction-prevention meeting with local officials as housing concerns mount (Subscription required)

HUD fills several key positions after months of vacancies

With federal eviction moratorium set to expire, states offer patchwork protections

HUD fills several key positions after months of vacancies

With federal eviction moratorium set to expire, states offer patchwork protections

‘Five-alarm fire’: Slow trickle of rental aid heightens concern about eviction crisis (Subscription required)

‘Housing is infrastructure’: Marcia Fudge’s vision for a HUD that serves the people

Bill would ban facial recognition in public housing

Pricey lumber is making it harder to build low-income homes

U.S. housing shortage will be around for ‘years to come,’ says Taylor Morrison CEO

Eviction deadline looms for millions of tenants with surging rent debt

Rescue plan has billions available for housing, advocates urge officials to take it 

Biden’s new dilemma: How to slash housing costs for low-income borrowers

How does the legacy of housing discrimination affect food access?

Race is on to get rental assistance out to avert evictions

Biden’s stimulus set aside $50 billion to help renters facing eviction, but just 4% of that has gone out 

Rent catches up to pre-pandemic estimates, except in big cities

State News: 

20-year-old Austinite celebrates new apartment after experiencing homelessness, life in foster care

San Antonio Housing Authority extends eviction moratorium deadline through March 2022

Listening, empathy key to reach vaccine-wary residents for Waco Housing Authority advocate

The Texas Rent Relief program paid the wrong landlord, and this Plano family got evicted

Fort Worth is trying to close its COVID vaccine gap. What’s working elsewhere in Texas?

Mayor Turner promises to release information about housing project after ethics allegations

Texas Southern University awarded $1 million research grant from HUD

Texas Rent Relief program outperforms other states, but complaints abound

Mayor Sylvester Turner names new housing director one day after firing former dept. head 

Turner fires Houston housing director who accused him of ‘charade’ bid process to benefit developer (Subscription required)

Texas’ homeless suffer due to lack of public housing as public camping is criminalized (Video)

“I just want to bust out crying”: Evictions put strain on tenants and law enforcement

Waco Housing Authority seeks to clear $111K rent backlog with state program

City breaks ground on new permanent supportive housing in North Austin, help the homeless

Austin still struggling to find places for people experiencing homelessness as it begins enforcing public camping ban

Rebranding ceremony of El Paso housing authority celebrated with lighting of Blue Flame

San Antonio’s Emergency Housing Assistance Program has more than $50 million available to help families

Texas Supreme Court extends state program to help tenants avoid eviction until Oct. 1

Minimum wage workers struggle to pay rent in Austin more than any other Texas city, report says

San Antonio Housing Authority removes ‘interim’ from CEO’s title

Millions of dollars that few are applying for in Dallas County housing assistance

Phase 3 of Austin’s homeless camping ban has begun: What that means

Houston council OKs $12.5M to replace low-income housing project displaced by I-45 expansion 

As Austin booms, homelessness faces crackdown (Subscription required)



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