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Massachusetts enacted its most ambitious housing law in decades. Now the hard part is trying to enforce it

NAHRO Advocacy: Support highest possible HUD funding, housing tax credit

Lame Duck Advocacy: Speak up for HUD funding and the Housing Tax Credit

NAHRO’s 2023 What Home Means to Me calendars available now!

National News:

Economists: A US housing recession has already arrived

Will the Inflation Reduction Act increase equitable access to Green housing?

Once-affordable US housing markets are now out of reach for most

Housing costs, inflation’s biggest component, are poised to ease (Subscription required)

Housing affordability for tribal communities

Community land trusts build climate-resilient affordable housing

Democrats eye new legislation to rein in Wall Street landlords

The fight to expand the Low-income Housing Tax Credit

In tough housing market, renters renovate like they own the place (Subscription required)

20% of college students struggle to find stable housing—why it could have long-term consequences

Renters are finally catching a break

State News: 

How Austin’s housing crisis has shaped the race for a new mayor

How Houston halved homelessness—and what California can learn from it

Truist Bank gives $10 million boost to Dallas affordable housing fund






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