Texas NAHRO Trainings


This two-day training is essential for hearing officers, members of hearing panels, managers who represent the PHA in hearings, and policy analysts. Hearing Officer Specialist is packed with information, covering all aspects of public housing and housing choice voucher hearings. After getting grounded in the regulations, participants examine PHA policies and grievance procedures that determine how regulations are implemented. The seminar will walk participants through coordinating and conducting orderly and fact-based hearings. Commonly heard issues, working with advocacy groups, the 504 coordinator, and reasonable accommodation issues will be addressed. This workshop also includes extensive hands-on practice. In small groups and individually, participants will read cases and make decisions, citing appropriate regulations and PHA policies.

Managers and supervisors are the instruments through which performance and productivity happen in any organization. An agency’s human assets directly impact the success and quality of services delivered to their communities. Managing or supervising require unique sets of knowledge, skills, and competencies. This High-Performance Management training will provide you with key knowledge and skills to create and maintain high performing and productive teams. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with critical tools and techniques to effectively manage and supervise your teams. This participant centered course is highly interactive using case studies, assessments, and simulations to keep you engaged! You’ll learn your personal behavior style and how to effectively improve communication, collaboration, and outcomes.

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a critical and exciting component to the future of the Housing Choice Voucher/Public Housing Programs. You will gain or refresh your knowledge of the elements needed to create a successful and innovative FSS program and discover how to be an effective and creative FSS coordinator or manager. Together we will explore best practices in case management, as well as learn how to create dynamic partnerships within your community to maximize the resources available to your participants. Finally, you will learn how to form a non-profit organization, including securing and enhancing future FSS funding. Come join us and get inspired to make a difference in the lives of those families you serve!

Procurement & Contract Management

Training Location: San Antonio

December 6-8, 2022

Join us for a refresher on procurement basics, including basic procurement requirements, 24 CFR 200, procurement standards, competition, methods of procurement, cost and price analysis, awarding agency, bonding requirements, regulatory documents, actions requiring HUD approval, roles and responsibilities, ethics, procurement policy, employment training opportunities, procurement methods and processes, and more.

Registration will open soon.