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2023 Archived News:


NAHRO Advocates: We Need You!

TODAY: The ABCs of Affordable Housing!

NAHRO, industry partners object to proposed ACC changes

Last chance to save $100 on conference registration!

NAHRO SVP George Guy wins leadership award (press release)

HUD publishes pre-publication copy of rule impacting reexaminations, over-income households, and asset limitations in multiple programs

CONFIRMED: CNN’s Abby Phillip to Speak at 2023 Washington Conference!

Thursday: NAHRO Housing Update on HOTMA Rule

Washington Conference: Get the latest updates from HUD staff!

HUD awards $315 million in grants to address unsheltered and rural homelessness

HUD releases new AFFH proposed rule


National News:

What’s homelessness really like? (subscription req’d)

The U.S. needs more affordable housing – where to put it is a bigger battle

Is living in an empty office the answer to the housing crisis?

In nearly every state, people of color are less likely to own homes compared to white households

Renter financial distress has been concentrated in high-poverty neighborhoods and communities of color

The next retirement communities won’t be just for seniors (subscription req’d)

As homelessness crisis deepens, rural children pay the price

Series: Low Income Housing Tax Credit spending difficult to track, measure

America, the Bland

Mayors: Affordable housing demand is crushing us

Indigenous people on the ‘front lines’ of climate solutions

Black churches become affordable housing developers

Biden revives housing rule that Trump derided as ‘Abolishing the Suburbs’

HUD Secretary on how to make fair housing a reality (Opinion)

White House prepares new tenant protections, alarming housing industry

Can 3-D printing help solve the housing crisis?

The slow, inevitable death of middle-class housing (Subscription required)

As cities get tough on homelessness, legal battles follow (Subscription required)

Major changes coming for CDFIs

More cities and states make homeless encampments a crime, leaving low-income people with few options

3 ways to advance climate-resilient housing solutions in vulnerable communities

Good news for homebuyers: The housing market is showing signs of ‘normalizing’

Low-income housing industry wants tax credit reporting clarity

Inflation is making homelessness worse (Subscription required)

Housing voucher recipients find themselves with fewer options

Building with sustainable wood Is key to greener cities

The shift to using more electricity will change how affordable housing is built

The US can solve its housing crisis. It just needs to start building (Opinion)

When fixing the housing market, don’t forget the neediest (Opinion)

Resident-owned communities intersect housing and climate justice

Relentless rents leave few choices for Americans relying on assistance

How federal agencies can use data to promote Fair Housing

State News: 

Houston wanted to lead the nation in long-term affordable housing. Now it’s backpedaling.

Houston closes ‘tent city’ homeless encampment near Minute Maid Park (subscription req’d)

 Longtime Beaumont Housing Authority leader dies

Number of renters burdened by housing costs reached a record high in 2021

Black congregations are developing housing on church land

The supertalls are coming to Austin

Fort Worth gets additional housing vouchers for people with disabilities

Austin receiving more than two-dozen HUD housing vouchers