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January – May 2019:

Mr. Apolonio “Nono” Flores passed away on January 26, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas Read More



New Requirements for ACC Termination and PHA Closeout 

FY 2020 House Appropriations THUD Bill: In-Depth Analysis (Login required)

House Boosts HCD Spending in Proposed FY 2020 Bill (NAHRO Log-in Required)

Grants for Carbon Monoxide Detectors Announced

FY 2019 Housing Trust Fund Allocations Released

Guidance on Over-Income Implementation Process Released

New Incentives for Multifamily Properties in Opportunity Zones Announced

HUD Launches Campaign to Help Protect People From Harassment From Landlords, Property Managers, and Maintenance Workers

BofA Pledges $5 Billion for Its Affordable Housing Program

HUD Publishes FY 2019 Income Limits

HUD Updates Mainstream Voucher Program FAQ

President’s FY 2020 Budget Proposal In-Depth

Attleboro Area Authorities Back Request for $72M State Housing Budget

What’s Eliminated in Trump’s 2020 Budget Plan

Emergency Safety and Security Capital Fund Grant Applications Due June 5

HUD Announces Webinars for MTW Cohorts 1 & 2

HUD Sends Email Clarifying Admin. Fee Rates and Portability

HUD Sends Guidance on Mainstream Vouchers

HUD Extends Two Public Housing Forms

HUD Publishes TPV Notice for Certain Low-Vacancy Areas

Governors Grapple With Housing Woes Felt Throughout Nation


NAHRO in the News

House Democrats Propose $25 Million Fund for CO Detectors and Other Health Upgrades in Public Housing

An Expert’s 7 Principles for Solving America’s Housing Crisis

HUD Is Proposing a New Restriction on Housing Assistance. It Could Cost Thousands of Kids Their Homes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Hands Tax Cuts to Wealthy While Housing Cuts Leave Kids With Lead Poisoning, Sewage in Apartments

First Statewide Homeless Conference Kicks off in Helena

HUD Moves to Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Public Housing After Deaths

Trump Proposal Would Evict Undocumented Immigrants From Public Housing

Ben Carson Wants to Evict Families with Undocumented Immigrants from Public Housing

RHA Offers Buyouts, Braces for Federal Cuts


National News

HUD and NAHB to Host Innovative Housing Showcase on National Mall on June 1 

Democrats Look to Block Trump Housing Proposal That Could Displace Thousands of Immigrant Families 

Five Strategies to Help America’s Renters

HUD Working to Make Public Housing “Book-Rich Environments”

Low-Investment, High-Impact Strategies to Boost Education Outcomes

The Paper on the Street

The Disastrous State of Latino Housing (and How to Deal with It)

Carson Defends HUD Policy, But Critics Claim Discrimination

Blue-Collar and Service Workers Fare Better Outside Superstar Cities

Ben Carson Acknowledges HUD Fell Short on Carbon Monoxide Protections: ‘That’s Wrong’

Despite Resistance, Cities Turn to Density to Tackle Housing Inequality

HUD’s Ben Carson Broke Law With Furniture Order, GAO Says

It’s the Housing, Stupid (Opinion)

The Affordable Housing Crisis, Explained

Carson Pressured to Scrap HUD Immigrant Plan Putting Kids at Risk

HUD Awards $1.5 Billion to Support Seven States in Their Recovery From 2018 Disasters

Infrastructure Package Should Address Housing for Neediest Americans (Opinion)

Are Cities’ Housing Policies Making a Difference?

HUD Awards $85 Million to Revitalize Three Low-Income Neighborhoods

Worsening Rural Rental Housing Affordability Crisis Demands Continued Attention

Freddie Mac Unveils New Security to Provide Affordable Housing Liquidity for Small Lenders

Liberal America’s Single-Family Hypocrisy

Public Housing Authorities in the Private Market

Ben Carson: The American Dream Is Attainable With the Help of HUD (opinion)

Bangor, Maine, Residents Show the Importance of Supporting Each Other’s Economic Goals

Harris, House Dems Push for Mandatory Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Public Housing

Watchdog Says HUD Stalled Probe Into Handling of Puerto Rico Aid: Report

Waters Releases Draft of Housing Is Infrastructure Bill

America’s Housing Is Getting More Crowded. How Will That Affect Children?

Amid a Crisis of Inequality, $2 Trillion of Tax-Free Investing in Opportunity Zones Could Benefit Both Rich and Poor

‘How Many More People Have to Die?’ Carbon Monoxide Kills Two More in HUD Housing

Fighting Bias, Block by Block

HUD Will Start Checking for Carbon Monoxide Detectors — but Won’t Penalize Landlords If They’re Missing

Smartphones Are Changing How Homeless People Survive

From Gentrification to Decline: How Neighborhoods Really Change 

Cities Don’t Have Souls. Why Do We Battle for Them?

It’s All Systems Go for Opportunity Zones Now

Rent Control Policies Gaining Momentum Across America

Retiring on Next to Nothing in America

Second Round of Opportunity Zone Guidance Released

Affordable Rural Rental Housing Is a Necessity

Cities Build Homeless Shelters for LGBT Youth

Aiming for Equitable Development While Focusing on Genuine Citizen Participation

Fannie and Freddie Return to Senate Spotlight as Crapo Seeks Fix

Housing Affordability Crisis Spreads to Rural America

How Poor Americans Get Exploited by Their Landlords

Small Cities Feel the Clock Ticking on Opportunity Zones

‘Atlas of Inequality’ Maps Where Rich, Poor Do and Don’t Mix

 HUD’s Inspection System Gets a Poor Grade in Congressional Watchdog’s Report

Partnership Will Harness Technology to Solve Affordable Housing Crisis

SG Blocks Provides Greener and More Affordable Housing (Video)

Farming’s Next Generation Has Nowhere to Grow

How the Green New Deal Could Retrofit Suburbs

Why Is HUD Ghosting America’s Hurricane-Ravaged Communities?

Children, Youth, and Veterans: Homelessness in America

The Airbnb Effect: It’s Not Just Rising Home Prices

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Help the Homeless Is to Give Them Homes

Study: Student Homelessness Hits All-Time High 


State News

San Antonio Finds Another Way to Fund Air Conditioning in Public Housing 

Austin Seeks to Tackle Homelessness Issue

Houston Has an Aggressive, Radical Plan to Sell Affordable Housing

Commentary: Don’t Cut Rental Subsidies That Lift Families Out of Poverty (opinion)

Hidden Cost of Homelessness Surfaces When Property Owners Have to Cover Damages

Citing the Bible, Federal Lawsuit Challenges Houston’s Ban on Feeding the Homeless

Here Are Opportunity Zone Projects the City Wants Developers to Build

Did Austin Just Unlock Affordability?

HUD Rejects Plan to Bring Air Conditioning to Hundreds of San Antonio Renters

Dakota Enterprises Fills Affordable Housing Gap with Apartments in East End

Housing Authority of Travis County Completes Rehabilitation of 75 Affordable Housing Units

Beaumont Woman First to Receive Rebuilt Home Under HAP in Southeast Texas

Hope for Hotel Deal: Housing Authority Looks at El Jardin

A Plan to Trade Density for Affordability in Fast-Growing Austin

The City Wants to Clean Up Homeless Camps – and Connect People With Services

Texarkana, Texas Awarded Federal Funding to Combat Homelessness

 After Waiting a Year, Texas Officials Urge Feds to Set Rules for Hurricane Recovery Money

Instead of Fighting ‘Tent City,’ Amarillo Decides to House Its Homeless