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Description: NAHRO’s Procurement and Contract Management Seminar is completely revised and updated to reflect the changes to procurement regulations. Understanding the new regulations will help your agency in determining responsibility, accountability and how to  have a compliant procurement program. You will learn how to procure quality goods and services for the right cost, the highest quality, for timely delivery, and in compliance with applicable laws and policies. The training covers estimating costs of goods and services and developing criteria for analysis of proposals.

Who Should Attend: The training is a must for Management staff and Property Managers.

Objectives : You will learn how to comply with the newest federal procurement requirements and regulations; how to use the proper procurement method and contract type; how to analyze costs to ensure your agency gets the highest value for its contract dollar; how to assess and control the procurement performance operation and professional ethics of procurement.

What is the Schedule?
Monday, December 7th: 12:30-3:30
Tuesday, December 8th: 12:30-3:30
Wednesday, December 9th: 12:30-3:30
Thursday, December 10th: 12:30-3:30
Friday, December 11th: 12:30-3:30

NAHRO Continuing Education Units (CEU’s): Training Completion = 1.65

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