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August 2020


August Advocacy, Week 2: Fight for Families!

President Signs Executive Order on Assistance to Renters and Homeowners

Negotiations Continue in D.C. – Keep Pressuring Congress, White House!

August Recess Advocacy Kicks off!

Notices on CARES Act HCV HAP and Admin Fee Distribution Published

July 31 NAHRO Monitor 

Kick off August Advocacy with Daily Emails to Washington, D.C.!

HUD to Host Call on CARES Act Funding

NAHRO in the News 

Industry Ignores ‘Political Theater’ to Focus on Why the Suburbs Need Affordable Housing

National News 

The Coming Eviction Crisis: ‘It’s Hard to Pay the Bills on Nothing’ (Opinion)

Trump Isn’t the First President to Neglect Fair Housing

As COVID-19 Tanks the Economy, Eviction Moratoriums Expire

As U.S. Congress Wrangles Over Aid, Millions of Renters Get Desperate

State News

Most Dallas County Judges Agree to Delay Eviction Hearings Until the End of the Month, Jenkins Says



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