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January 2020 News



Webinar for Vera’s Opening Doors to Public Housing Initiative

Voucher Reporting Deadlines

Proposed Changes to NEPA Released

HUD Offers Webinar on Landlord Participation

NAHRO in the News

Homelessness in Rich People’s Living Rooms by Jana Sophia Nolle

What If Pay-to-Relocate Went National?

Sudbury Joins Housing Authority Lawsuit

National News

Governments Are Rethinking the Provision of Public Housing (Subscription Required)

Homelessness Up Nationwide After Spikes in California and Elsewhere

Tiny Houses: Does Size Matter?

Ignored by HUD, Senators Push for Meeting With Secretary Ben Carson Over Radon Failures

Affordable Housing Is in Crisis. Is Public Housing the Solution?

The Hidden Health Costs of Eviction (Video)

The Surprising Link Between Parks and Violence Prevention

How Ben Carson’s New Housing Rule Would Deepen Racial Segregation (Opinion)

U.S. Regulator Allows Bank of America to Fund Housing Advisers

Lawsuit Alleges Excessive Enforcement of Housing Authority Law

Appeals Court Refuses to Lift Injunction on Immigrant ‘Public Charge’ Rule

Colleges Are Beginning to Tackle Student Homelessness

What You Need to Know About How Section 8 Really Works

Why the Housing Crisis Is a Problem for Everyone — Even Wealthy Homeowners

The Difference Between Red-State and Blue-State Homelessness

How Jack Kemp Rewrote the Urban Poverty Playbook

Our Cities Don’t Have Enough Affordable Housing. Changing This Policy Will Help (Opinion)

Denser Housing Is Gaining Traction on America’s East Coast

How Whole Communities Benefit From Affordable Housing

Trump Pulls Back Efforts to Enforce Housing Desegregation

Yes, in My Backyard: The Key to Affordable Housing Is More Housing

The Conundrum Affordable Housing Poses for the Nation

Affordable Housing Watchlist for 2020

“It Simply Isn’t Our Time”: Julian Castro Ends Presidential Bid

State News

Citing Violence Associated With Homeless, Abbott Asks DPS to Patrol State-Owned Buildings in Austin

Gentrification or Segregation? St. Elizabeth Hospital Shows Tricky Trade-Offs in Developing Houston’s Fifth Ward

Former La Joya Housing Authority Director Released on Bond

Homelessness Was a Contentious Issue in Austin Last Year. Here’s What to Look out for in 2020.

Cash-Strapped La Joya Housing Authority Misses Payday, Can’t Afford to Pay Employees

In Rural Texas, People Experiencing Homelessness Lead ‘Masked’ Lives Outside of Public View




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