Procurement & Section 3 Registration

Provided by: Nan McKay

Location: Webinar

Procurement and Section 3 focuses on HUD’s Handbook 7460.8 REV 2, which includes essential information for PHAs to comply with HUD regulations. This seminar will help your PHA establish an up-to-date and comprehensive procurement policy. Understanding the handbook and how it relates to project-based accounting, budgeting, and management will help you delegate more procurement and contract management responsibilities and accountability to your sites. By the end of this training, you should understand how to obtain the highest quality goods and services for the right cost, delivered on time, and in compliance with applicable laws and policies. In addition, you can learn to estimate costs of goods and services, develop criteria for the analysis of proposals, and realize cost savings in your procurement operation. The training will also cover temporary regulatory changes resulting from ARRA, stimulus dollars, and the “Buy American” provision.

Understanding the handbook and implementing changes in PHA procurement policy is essential because the handbook:

  • Provides very clear direction on what is mandatory and what is not
  • Provides important definitions, including micro purchase, intended to “drill down” procurement to the site
  • Simplifies and streamlines requirements to encourage more decentralization of procurement
  • Contains strong guidance on ethics in procurement and contract management

PHAs need current information in order to comply with HUD’s Section 3 requirements. NMA’s three-day workshop will bring your agency up to speed on the most recent HUD webcasts and guidance.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of Procurement and Section 3, using HUD regulations and guidance, you should be able to:

  • Identify the procurement requirements the PHA must follow
  • Recognize the various methods of procurement and contracting available to the PHA
  • Understand how procurement can become more decentralized
  • Apply good contract management principles
  • Identify the programs that Section 3 applies to
  • Understand the compliance requirements of Section 3
  • Insure contractor’s compliance
  • Identify the strategies for the implementation of a Section 3 program
  • Recognize all the components of a Section 3 plan

Our apologies, registration for this training is now closed.

Cancellation and Refunds:  To receive a refund of your registration fees, written notice of cancellation must be received 30 days prior to the training; a $50 processing fee will be assessed.  Cancellations received within 30 days of the training will not be refunded.  The agency can send a substitute attendee if the original registrant can’t attend.  No exceptions will be made.