Texas NAHRO Scholarship Application

Texas NAHRO Scholarship Application

  • Section 1

  • (Senior Picture)
  • Section 2

    Texas NAHRO Member Agency
  • Must be signed by the Executive Director
  • Section 3

  • or certified copy of grades with grade point average and scale used - whether 4 pt. scale, 5 pt. scale, etc., class rank/size, proficiency test scores (TAKS, etc., whatever standardized testing system is used and ACT and/or SAT scores, if taken). It is very important to include all the above information so that all scholarship applicants can be evaluated on the same criteria.
  • Section 4

    Post Secondary School/College Information
  • Section 5

    Other Information
  • Drop files here or
    One from a community leader, and one from a high school instructor
  • Academic, sports, community service, etc.
  • i.e. band, clubs, drill team, athletics, thespians, etc.
  • i.e. church groups, community service organizations
  • Full, part-time or summer jobs held during high school – give job title, length of employment, responsibilities & Name and phone number of employer
  • Section 6

    Please submit a 3 minute or less video of yourself describing your short and long-term goals in life, why you are pursuing your particular college degree or vocational training program and an achievement or an event in your life that has been especially significant.
  • If you are not able to upload your video file here please submit the form with out it and email it to txnahro@brazosnet.com. We will be sure your video gets submitted to the right application.