2021 Virtual Conference Agenda


April 8th @ 11 am – 5 pm

CARES ACT REPORTING FOR PHAs – This course will cover the most up to date reporting requirements for CARES Act funds, including FDS, DCF, quarterly reporting and VMS.
It will also assist you in locating the most current up to date information.

FAIR HOUSING & DISABILITY – This class covers all essential information required to operate an assisted housing program in compliance with Fair Housing, Reasonable Accommodation and Disability laws, including affirmatively furthering fair housing and service animals. Receive a participation certification with this session!

Differentiators in PHA Software – PHAs have a lot of options when selecting technology that supports their broad scope of daily activities. How do you know which software best fits your needs? What if you’re not asking vendors the right questions about their software products? Fear not. Join Yardi as we provide six concepts that can make it easier to vet PHA software providers.

NATIONAL FEDERAL EVICTION MORATORIUM – An in-depth discussion on the federal eviction moratorium and critical steps renters must take to ensure they are protected. Our partners who are experts on the moratorium, evictions, and state partners who are working with renters on the ground, will join us for the discussions.

RAD (VOLUNTARY) – Open discussion of RAD. Rental Assistance Demonstration, or RAD, is a voluntary program that falls under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of RAD is to “preserve public housing by providing Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) with access to more stable funding to make needed improvements to properties,”

BETTER UTILIZATION OF TECHNOLOGY THROUGHOUT ENTIRE AGENCY – With technology moving so fast, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. In this session, we will go over why its so important for your agency to keep up with technology and what you could do to always stay up to date with the latest trends and viruses.

LEVERAGING DIVERSITY – Diversity in clients and teams can be a double edge sword. Diversity increase of the group brain power with this different perceptions, concepts and experiences. But diversity can also cause conflict. Dealing with adversity goes beyond just learning to respect gender, age, religious ,race, ethnic, culture, sexual and language differences. We need to understand how differences can work for your team instead of against it.



Get signed up for these two workshops from E&A Teams and SAVE! Normally $300 each but Free for Conference attendees!!
April 8th @ 1 pm – 5 pm



EIV READING AND UNDERSTANDING & Calculating Income for Multiple Programs will be recorded Workshops!

The Calculating Income will be available today from 1 – 4 pm. EIV Reading and Understanding will be available to watch until April 15th. If you want to take either of these classes you must sign up here. If you do not sign up you will not have access to these workshops tomorrow.

Below is more information on each Workshop.

“Enhance & Accelerate” your knowledge and understanding of HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification
System with this four-hour virtual workshop provided by E&A Team’s Housing Compliance Trainer,
Tari Bradley.

In 2010, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made it mandatory that Owners/Agents use in its entirety HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System as a third-party source to verify employment and income information of households residing in specific HUD multi-family properties.

The purpose of HUD’s EIV system is to identify and correct the causes of errors and improper payments in HUD’s assisted housing programs and to ensure that the right benefits serve as many eligible households as defined in the appropriate program regulations.

Topics to be reviewed during the training will include, but not limited to:
• Introduction to the EIV System
• EIV Security Data Requirements
• Overview of Required Reports and Policy & Procedures
• Types of Income (Reported and Not Reported) in EIV
• What is Period of Income (POI)?
• Steps to Reconcile Earned Income (Compared to Current 50059)
• Difference of Valid & Invalid Discrepancies
• Investigating, Documenting, and Correcting Discrepancies

The following will be referenced as a source of guidance:
• HUD’s 4350.3 Rev. 1 Chg. 4 Handbook
• HUD Notice 2013-06; Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System

When Every Dollar Counts” – Calculating Income for Multiple Programs
Enhance & Accelerate” your knowledge and understanding of how to anticipate household income for the affordable housing programs, including the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Rural Development (RD), and HOME program.

In this 2.5 hours virtual presentation, the Director of Compliance Training for E&A Team, Gary Kirkman, will review income sources, how to verify income, and pose some unique Challenges to test attendees along the way. Anticipating income is a huge part of determining a household’s eligibility, so let our trainers help make this process a little easier!

Topics to be reviewed during the training will include, but not limited to:

• Income Eligibility
• Earned & Unearned Income
• Sporadic, Seasonal, and Zero Income
• Income Inclusions & Exclusions
• Overview of Earned Income Sources (including Gig Economy)
• Overview of Unearned Income Sources

The following will be referenced as a source of guidance:
• HUD’s 4350.3 Handbook, Chapter 5
• 24 CFR § 5.609