(HCV) & (PH) Rent Calculation Webinar Registration

The purpose of this training is to teach rent calculation for both the public housing and housing choice voucher programs. The seminar has been carefully structured for combination areas to be trained together. This is possible because both programs use essentially the same rules leading up to the final rent calculation.

Upon completion of HCV and Public Housing Rent Calculation, you will understand what is included in and excluded from annual income and how to identify and calculate income from assets, recognize and apply deductions to calculate adjusted income, and calculate total tenant payment (TTP). For those who work in the HCV program, you will also calculate the family share and housing assistance payment (HAP). For those working in the public housing program, you will calculate tenant rent and understand flat rents.

HCV & PH Rent Calculation Webinar

Nan McKay & Associates HCV & PH Rent Calculation online April 14-16
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