Deadline for entry forms is March 1, 2019

Purpose:  To honor persons who have made exceptional contributions through their participation and service in NAHRO and to the quality of life through proven, sustained service with NAHRO and in the field of housing or community development.  Awards will be made on the basis of extraordinary accomplishments and contributions.

Qualifications:  Each nominee must have demonstrated outstanding contributions to NAHRO and in achieving the goal of “a decent home and suitable living environment for every family” in the State of Texas.  Eligible nominees include housing / community development officials, public servants, civic leaders or HUD officials active in the State of Texas.

Judging Guidelines:  Recipients will be selected on the basis of their outstanding achievements in providing service to NAHRO and “a decent home and suitable living environment for every family”, in the following areas:

  • Membership in NAHRO at the state, regional and national levels

  • Participation in NAHRO as a member, committee and task force member, Board of Directors member, and officer

  • Demonstrated commitment to solving housing and urban problems

  • Demonstrated excellence in administration of housing and urban programs and evidence of improvement in the quality of life

  • Sustained personal commitment in the field of housing / community development

  • Service in which the nominee has created positive public support and a positive image for housing or community development programs

  • Service by creating, causing to be created, or passing laws at any level of government which facilitated the delivery of housing / community development services

  • Service leading to new techniques to finance housing / community development programs or to provide services to consumers of these programs or to contribute otherwise to economic development of communities

  • Service which has caused better and / or more cost effective housing and community development programs or systems

  • Service in increasing the supply of affordable housing, redevelopment, economic development, social service / welfare, or other services

  • Service in teaching, research, writing, or the development of educational programs in the areas of housing and community development.

The Texas NAHRO Hall of Fame Award Selections Committee will screen and select recipients from the entries.  The Hall of Fame recipient will be honored at the Annual Conference of the Chapter.

Submission Format:  Nominations must include the following information:

  • Nominee’s name, address and telephone number.

  • Nominator’s name, address and telephone number.

  • Field of Service of which the nomination is based.

  • A concise statement of the nominee’s:
    1. Membership in NAHRO at the state, regional, and national levels, membership positions in committees, task forces, Boards and officer positions, and NAHRO awards;

    2. Achievements in the fundamental goal of providing “a decent home and suitable living environment for every family”;

    3. Projects, actions or policies demonstrating nominee’s contributions, in chronological order;

    4. Awards and commendations received, in chronological order;

    5. Professional affiliations; and

    6. Letters of recommendation supporting the nomination.