Archived News

Archived News

January 2020 –


House Infrastructure Proposal Invests More Than $100 Billion in Affordable Housing
White House Opportunity Zone Council Report Released
HUD PIH to Hold Conference Call on Telehealth Resources for PHAs on June 22nd at 3 pm ET
Congress Holds Hearings on Oversight and Rental Assistance
HUD Posts COVID-19 Toolkit 
HUD Posts New FAQ on PBVs and Repositioning
June Is 2020 National Homeownership Month 
‘Safe Streets’ Are Not Safe for Black Lives 
Second Allocation of ESG CARES Funding Released 
Feds Pump Millions Into Disability Housing as Part of Coronavirus Relief 
HUD Extends Section 3 Reporting Deadline Until July 31, 2020
June is National Healthy Homes Month; HUD Releases Digital Resource Toolkit
NAHRO Releases Survey of Members’ Operations During COVID-19
HUD PIH Updates COVID-19 FAQ for PHAs (Version 4) 
Chairwoman Maxine Waters joins NAHRO’s Managing During COVID-19: Congressional Response Webinar: Tomorrow at 12 Noon Eastern
Mainstream HCV Two-Year Tool Now Available
CY 2020 Admin. Fee Rates Posted 
HUD Conference Call on CARES Act Funding 
2020 HTF Allocations Announced 
CARES Act Supplemental Operating Fund Guidance Released 
HUD PIH Flyer for Tenants on the Eviction Moratorium
HUD Publishes Notice on Accessing HCV Admin. Fee Funding in CARES Act

HUD Publishes Multifamily Tenant Concerns COVID-19 Brochure

HUD PIH Updates FAQ and Releases Waiver-Related Materials

NAHRO Analysis – HUD Eviction Moratorium FAQ for PHAs

HUD Publishes Eviction Moratorium Guidance for PHAs

HUD’s Section 3 Still Required, Very Limited Reporting Extension

HUD’s Distressed Cities Technical Assistance Program

HUD HCV Landlord Task Force to Conduct Webinar on April 22 at 1 pm ET

HUD PIH to Host Conference Call on Recently Published COVID-19 Waivers

Waivers and Suspensions for HOME Program Requirements Released

HUD Issues COVID-19 Related Waivers for Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs

HUD Publishes PIH COVID-19 Waivers

Recording of April 3 HUD Call Now Available

HUD Updates Guidance for CY 2020 HAP Set-Aside Applications

CoC, ESG, HOPWA Waivers Available

FY 2020 HCV Funding Implementation Notice Published

Missed Our Virtual Convening? Recordings Now Available!

Social Security Recipients Do Not Need to File a Tax Return to Receive COVID-19 Relief Payments

Certain FY 19 Funding Awards Announced

Key Points From Updated PIH FAQ

HUD PIH Posts Updated FAQ for PHAs

HUD PIH to Host COVID-19 Webinar on 4/3/2020 at 3:30 pm ET

HUD to Hold Landlord Participation Webinar Titled “Education and Outreach Strategies for Landlord Participation” on 4/22/2020 at 1 pm ET

HCV Two-Year Tool Updated

HUD Updates VMS Reference Definitions

Join Us Tomorrow for Part 2 of Our Virtual Convening!

NAHRO Analysis: Latest COVID-19 Relief Bill

Join Us for a NAHRO Virtual Convening on Monday!

USICH/HUD Webinar on Isolation and Quarantine

COVID 19 & PHA Operations – PHA Operations Webinar (Free GoToWebinar registration required)

HUD to Host Second COVID-19 Planning and Response for Homeless Assistance Providers Q&A webinar (3/20/2020 – 2:30 pm ET)

RAD: An Important Tool for Preserving Public Housing, Not a Temporary Patch

e-Learning: COVID-19 and Housing Agency Operations (members only)

HUD Publishes COVID-19 FAQ for Public Housing and HCV Programs (login required)

HUD to Publish List of TPVs for FY 2019

HUD REAC Postpones Inspections for Public Housing & Multi-Family Housing

NAHRO Creates Coronavirus Resource Page (login required)

New PIH COVID-19 FAQ and Other COVID-19 Related Guidance

Washington Conference Cancelled (login required)

HUD, CDC, VA, and HCH to Host COVID-19 Planning and Response Q&A

IMS/PIC Down Starting Tomorrow (3/13/2020 – 3/23/2020)

NAHRO Creates Coronavirus Resource Page

USICH Publishes “Planning and Preparing for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)” Page

New Material on Infectious Disease Preparedness Guidance for Homeless Assistance Providers

CY 2020 Operating Fund Grant Eligibility and Processing Notice Released

HUD Creates Online Guidance Portal

HUD Publishes PBV Subsidy Layering Review Guidelines

Infectious Disease Toolkit for CoCs

Information on Coronavirus for PHA Residents

IMS-PIC Down From March 13, 2020 to March 23, 2020

VERA Technical Grant Assistance Application Due Feb. 28

IHBG Grants Released

Housing Choice Voucher Dashboard Published

A Luxury Apartment Rises in a Poor Neighborhood. What Happens Next?

Counting Rent Would Improve Credit Scores of Public-Housing Residents, HUD Finds

President’s 2021 Budget: In-Depth Review (login required)

Looking Back, Looking Forward – Smoke-Free Public Housing Webinar

HUD Posts First HCV Landlord Participation Webinar

Supreme Court Allows Implementation of Public Charge Rule
Webinar for Vera’s Opening Doors to Public Housing Initiative
Voucher Reporting Deadlines
Proposed Changes to NEPA Released
HUD Offers Webinar on Landlord Participation

NAHRO in the News

Even Naked, America Cannot See Itself

Homelessness Will Worsen Due to COVID-19 Outbreak—But There Are Solutions

The Department of Justice Is Going After Landlords Asking Tenants for Sex When They Can’t Pay Rent

As Low-Income Workers Lose Hours and Jobs, Pressure Mounts to Halt Evictions

HUD’s Independent Watchdog Launches Review of Radon Policies After Oregonian Investigation

Most Renters Won’t Be Protected From Eviction Under White House Plan, Despite President Trump’s Promise

COVID-19 Testing Not Subject to Review for Public Charge Rule

America’s Inequitable Housing System Is Completely Unprepared for Coronavirus

Exploring Modular Construction in Addressing Homelessness With CannonDesign

When the Police Have Your Landlord’s Number

Minnesota Housing Groups Say Sprinkler Mandates Require Money

Lack of Public Housing Brings Hundreds to Boston Statehouse

Shreveport’s Housing Authority CEO Elected to Top State, Regional Positions

Art Wing Earns National Housing Certification

Homelessness in Rich People’s Living Rooms by Jana Sophia Nolle

What If Pay-to-Relocate Went National?

Sudbury Joins Housing Authority Lawsuit

National News

Climate Adaptation Risks Displacing Vulnerable Communities, If Not Done Right

COVID-19’s Body Count Will Go Beyond Those Who Die From the Disease. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way

Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa Completes 9% LIHTC/Freddie Mac Financing of Choice Neighborhoods Housing Project, Innovative Capital Serves as Municipal Advisor

Nonprofit Housing Providers Brace for Financial Impact of COVID-19

One Day, You Might Live in a 3D-Printed House

Removing 1 Million Homes from Flood Zones Could Save $1 Trillion

After Pandemic, Safe and Sound Affordable Housing Needs to Be Addressed

Grace Kim: What Happens When You Design a Home With Community in Mind? (video)

Renters in Crisis: Housing Experts Say Canceling Rent Isn’t the Best Answer

Even With Bailouts and Eviction Freezes, Another Housing Crisis Is Coming

Housing and Housing Finance

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Collided With America’s Critical Shortage of Housing (opinion)

Inequality and Poverty Were Destroying America Well Before Covid-19

It Took a Pandemic for Cities to Finally Address Homelessness

A Cheaper Roof Over Your Head During the Pandemic?

Despite Federal Ban, Landlords Are Still Moving to Evict People During the Pandemic

Study: ‘Filtering’ Leads to Boost in Housing Opportunity

The Black Plague

Housing Policy Should Stop Creating Competition Between Young and Old (opinion)

In Pursuit of Housing That Works Harder for Veterans (opinion)

OTHER VOICES: HUD Aims to Protect Those Who Have Experienced Sexual Harassment in Housing

When This Crisis Ends, People Will Still Need a Place to Live

Where Will Co-Living Land Post Pandemic?

Confronting COVID-19: The Effects of COVID-19 on Multifamily and Affordable Housing

“Higher Than We Ever Saw in the 2008 Crisis”: Why the Coming COVID-19 Mortgage Crisis May Be Worse Than the Last One

One in Three Americans Could Miss Rent Due to COVID-19 — Congress Can Help (opinion)

A Conversation With Katie Swenson on Rebuilding Trust Through the Design of Safe and Healthy Spaces

COVID-19 and Homeless Veterans — a Looming Crisis (opinion)

Disabled and People of a Different Race Most Common Targets of Housing Discrimination 

Can the COVID-19 Crisis Unite the Housing Movement?

Coronavirus Crisis ‘Not an Excuse’—Real Estate CEO Says Those Who Can Should Pay Their Rent

Hilton Teams up With American Express to Donate Rooms to 1 Million Medical Workers

USDA Rural Development Provides Help to Repair Housing in Rural Communities

Coronavirus Crisis Threatens Housing Security for Millions of Americans

How Team Trump Is Racing to Protect Our Homes Amid Coronavirus

LIHTC Property Owners Face COVID-19 Reality: Rent Receipts Will Decrease

“Shelter In Place” Is Impossible If You Can’t Afford a Home

Homelessness Support During the Spread of COVID-19

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Affordable Housing (So Far)

People Need Homes to Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus Creates Openings for Affordable Housing

How to Head Off a Coronavirus Housing Crisis

Public Housing Residents May Be Some of the Hardest Hit by COVID-19 Outbreak

The Fed’s Secret Superpowers to Support Cities Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Congress Addresses Housing Crunch Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Developers Navigate the Complexities of Rehabbing Aging Properties

Do Landlords Deserve a Coronavirus Bailout, Too?

Housing in Brief: How a ‘Green Stimulus’ Could Address Housing Shortages

HUD Is on the Way to Better Fair Housing Accountability (opinion)

America’s Housing System Was Radically Unprepared for Coronavirus

Homeless Encampments Should Not Be Evicted During Coronavirus Outbreak, CDC Says

How Do You Shelter in Place When You Don’t Have a Home?

In the Time of Coronavirus, Affordable Housing Could Become Harder to Find

Why More Homeless Shelters Are Welcoming Their Clients’ Pets

How the Coronavirus Presents a Unique Threat to the LGBTQ+ Community

Housing Plays Key Role in People’s Health and Well-Being

Preserving Affordable Housing

Trump Orders HUD to Suspend Evictions and Foreclosures

Fed Cuts Interest Rates, Affordable Housing Groups Respond to Coronavirus

FHA Braces for Virus, Warns of Potential Bottlenecks as Demand Grows

HUD Announces More Than $118 Million in Grants to Fight Homelessness

Sizing up the Remaining Presidential Housing Plans

The Growing Movement for Housing Justice

Container-Based Construction: The Next Frontier in Affordable Housing

Female Renters Take on Predatory Landlords

JPMorgan Increases Affordable Housing Efforts

Coronavirus: Hong Kong Families Awaiting Public Housing Flats Now Used for Quarantine Say Delay Has Real-Life Consequences

5 Essential Books to Understand the Housing Crisis

House Passes YIMBY Act, Aimed at Spurring Affordable Housing Development

Housing Aid Tied to Fewer Asthma Emergencies for Kids Living in Poverty

Housing Assistance Programs Don’t Help People Live Near Jobs, Study Says

How Rent Control Hurts the Very People It Seeks to Help (And What We Can Do Instead)

Turns out Investing in Disinvested Communities Isn’t Very Risky

Advocates Pushing Nationwide Rent Control Protest HUD Headquarters

In Biden Vs. Sanders Race, Two Differing Visions for Housing

Kia Motors Donates $1 Million to “Yards Against Homelessness” Charity Partners

Public Housing Is Part of the Housing Crisis

West Coast Officials Prep for Possible Coronavirus Outbreak Among Homeless

HUD Has Become an Obstacle to Fair Housing (opinion)

Top HUD Official, Menendez Tour Hoboken to Evaluate Rebuild by Design Projects

Why Institutional Investors Haven’t Made a Big Splash in Affordable Housing

How the Democratic Candidates Would Tackle the Housing Crisis

Vacant Hospitals Help Address Ills of Limited Affordable Senior Housing

For Those Living in Public Housing, It’s a Long Way to Work

The Emerging Crisis of Aged Homelessness: What Can Be Done to Help?

The Runners Helping Each Other Get Back on Track

Trump’s Tax Break Promised Housing Opportunity. The ‘Forgotten’ Are Still Waiting.

How Davos Is Reacting to the Global Housing Crisis

‘It Was Everywhere’: How Lead Is Poisoning America’s Poorest Children

Low-Income Renters Are Struggling. Here’s How Democrats Plan to Help Them.

When Public Housing Is Erased

CVS Health Fills the Prescription for Affordable Housing

Radical Urban Planning Can Fight Gentrification With Affordable Housing

Thousands of Public Housing Facilities Failed Smoke Alarm Inspections, ABC News Investigation Finds

Housing Regulations Are Getting in the Way of Fighting Homelessness (Opinion)

How to Make a Housing Crisis (Book Review)

What Is Social Housing?

The Challenges That Make Gentrifying Neighborhoods Special

Trump Picks Dana Wade to Serve as FHA Commissioner

‘A Mask for Racial Discrimination.’ How Housing Voucher Programs Can Hurt the Low-Income Families They’re Designed to Help

Antidotes to Gentrification

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Unveils Sweeping Plan for “Housing Justice”

Creative Solutions: How Other Cities Are Tackling Homelessness

New Documentary Dissects Racism and Public Housing (Video)

Racial Inequalities in Housing Extend to Flood Buyout Programs

A Timely, Simple Idea to Boost Affordable Housing (Opinion)

President Trump Visits North Carolina to Address ‘Opportunity Now Summit’ (Video)

Trump’s Homelessness Czar Seeks to Further Criminalize the Homeless

Trump Proposes $4.8 Trillion Election-Year Budget With Big Domestic Cuts

Domestic Violence Pushes Many Women to Homelessness

True Colors United: State Index on Youth Homelessness Report

What Will It Take to See Housing Take Center Stage in the 2020 Election?

HUD Pledges to Seek ‘Record’ Amount of Money for Hazards Such as Radon; Keeps Senators at Bay

The Number of Homeless Students Now Matches the Entire Population of New Hampshire

More Students Are Experiencing Homelessness Than Ever Before

Students in Affordable Housing Face Academic Barriers, Often Thrive in Stable Environments

Cancer Cloud Fallout: Ben Carson Suggests HUD Will Now Include Radon Problems in Inspection Scores

New Homelessness Czar Takes Aim at Longstanding Policy

Why Unaffordable Rental Housing May Be New Normal in the US

Joint Center for Housing Studies: America’s Rental Housing 2020

 We Should Prioritize Affordable Housing in 2020 (Opinion)

Everything You Think You Know About Housing Is Probably Wrong

HUD Issues New Guidance on Reasonable Accommodations for Assistance Animals

Rolling Back Fair Housing Protections Will Not Ease America’s Housing Crisis (Opinion)

Housing Discrimination Made Summers Even Hotter
How Jim Crow Lives on in Skewed Housing Laws
America’s Homelessness Crisis Isn’t Going Away
Is This the Beginning of the End of America’s Housing Crisis? (Opinion)

More Than 50% of Homeless Families Are Black, Government Report Finds

Poverty Can Be Solved. Just Trust Poor People. (Podcast)

Shaping the Future of HUD and FHA

Governments Are Rethinking the Provision of Public Housing (Subscription Required)

Homelessness Up Nationwide After Spikes in California and Elsewhere

Tiny Houses: Does Size Matter?

Ignored by HUD, Senators Push for Meeting With Secretary Ben Carson Over Radon Failures

Affordable Housing Is in Crisis. Is Public Housing the Solution?

The Hidden Health Costs of Eviction (Video)

The Surprising Link Between Parks and Violence Prevention

How Ben Carson’s New Housing Rule Would Deepen Racial Segregation (Opinion)

U.S. Regulator Allows Bank of America to Fund Housing Advisers

Lawsuit Alleges Excessive Enforcement of Housing Authority Law

Appeals Court Refuses to Lift Injunction on Immigrant ‘Public Charge’ Rule

Colleges Are Beginning to Tackle Student Homelessness

What You Need to Know About How Section 8 Really Works

Why the Housing Crisis Is a Problem for Everyone — Even Wealthy Homeowners

The Difference Between Red-State and Blue-State Homelessness

How Jack Kemp Rewrote the Urban Poverty Playbook

Our Cities Don’t Have Enough Affordable Housing. Changing This Policy Will Help (Opinion)

Denser Housing Is Gaining Traction on America’s East Coast

How Whole Communities Benefit From Affordable Housing

Trump Pulls Back Efforts to Enforce Housing Desegregation

Yes, in My Backyard: The Key to Affordable Housing Is More Housing

The Conundrum Affordable Housing Poses for the Nation

Affordable Housing Watchlist for 2020

“It Simply Isn’t Our Time”: Julian Castro Ends Presidential Bid

State News

State to Offer Housing Assistance to Some Texans With Loss of Income Due to COVID-19

Houston’s Affordable Housing Problem Is Going to Intensify

Life After Foster Care Was Already Tough. Now These Texans Are Facing the Coronavirus Pandemic, Too

Mi Barrio No Se Vende

Making a Home That’s Affordable, for Good

The Future of Fair Housing in Texas

Explaining the Eviction Policy in Texas During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Explaining the Eviction Policy in Texas During the Coronavirus Pandemic

New Downtown Dallas High-Rise Will Bring Affordable Housing

The Gentrification of Texas

Arlington’s EnVison Center Will Help Families With Finances, Health and Education

How You Feel About Homelessness Could Hinge on Your Faith in Capitalism

Housing Authority Stepping Back From Recommendation to Demolish, Rebuild Public Housing

Council Member Chad West Joins MDHA to End Veteran Homelessness

Houston Housing Authority Tweet (Video)

DHA Apologizes After Bungling Rollout of Its Redevelopment Plans

Former Liberty County Housing Authority Director Indicted for Abuse of Official Capacity

After Sale Scare, Dallas Housing Authority Clarifies Intent for Future of Little Mexico Village

HHA Pushes Mixed-Income Housing, Improvements to Senior Housing

CEO: Tax Credit Program Would Be “Huge Step” for Waco Housing Authority

La Joya Housing Authority Receives HUD Funding

Houston Housing Authority Names Interim President After Surprise Ouster of CEO

Houston Housing Authority Opts Not to Extend contract of CEO Tory Gunsolley (Member)

Citing Violence Associated With Homeless, Abbott Asks DPS to Patrol State-Owned Buildings in Austin

Gentrification or Segregation? St. Elizabeth Hospital Shows Tricky Trade-Offs in Developing Houston’s Fifth Ward

Former La Joya Housing Authority Director Released on Bond

Homelessness Was a Contentious Issue in Austin Last Year. Here’s What to Look out for in 2020.

Cash-Strapped La Joya Housing Authority Misses Payday, Can’t Afford to Pay Employees

In Rural Texas, People Experiencing Homelessness Lead ‘Masked’ Lives Outside of Public View