Ms. Ramsey

Ms. Ramsey joined the Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office (TCHAO) Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program in 2009.  At that time she was not employed, had not finished high school and did not have transportation.  Despite these and other obstacles she faced, e.g., being a single mom with 2 minor children, she was determined to accomplish her goal of making a better life for her family.  It was difficult for her to find gainful employment to support her family because she could not afford costly day care services and did not live close to public transportation.  TCHAO FSS staff gave her the support, encouragement, referrals to social and other services she needed to help her overcome these barriers.

Her first goal was to earn a high school diploma, so she enrolled in an on line accredited program with the American School and obtained her high school diploma within one year.  This accomplishment helped her to be successful in obtaining part-time jobs at various banks.  Her next goal was to eliminate outstanding debts which she did in 2010.  When both of her children became school age, she began applying for full time positions and is currently employed at a mortgage company earning over $34,000 per year.  She will begin paying full rent in March, 2013, and expects to be self-sufficient at that time.