Sherwin Eugene Hufford


Sherwin Eugene Hufford (Gene) was born in Wichita Falls, Texas; an only child.  He grew up in a great neighborhood that had one other person who was an only child so they decided to be “siblings” and childhood best friends.  His dad owned a wholesale produce company, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. 

Gene attended public school in Wichita Falls, and after graduation attended the University of Texas in Austin.  As a first semester freshman, he was interested in obtaining a Bachelor in Business Administration.  Shortly after his first semester, however, a graduate student convinced him to take a course in Geology.  He became fascinated with the study of the earth’s physical structure and substance along with its history and processes, so he changed his major to Geology.

After college,  Gene wanted to work for an oil company but realized that in order to advance, he needed a Masters Degree.  Not being able to find work since the oil business was in decline at that time, he enrolled at Baylor University in Waco to earn a Masters in Geology.  This program was only three years old when he began, and he was talked into teaching a lab in Meteorology, which surprised him!  Gene continued looking for work, and after a year at Baylor, he landed a job with an oil company back in Wichita Falls.  After nine years, he split from the company with his supervisor and formed a successful, new business.

Due to illness, Gene had to end his career as a Geologist and decided to move back to Austin because of the amenities available and medical accessibility.  He began to enjoy outdoor hobbies and walking to improve his health.  Austin’s economy eventually caused him to begin looking for another place to live.  He had visited Temple once and was impressed by the size of the town and what it had to offer.  He also liked the historical aspect of the city so decided to move.

Gene enjoys working with electronics and web browsing.  He appreciates the history of Temple and is learning of all the good things the city has.