Family Self-Sufficiency
Abilene Housing Authority

Pictured from left to right in the picture:  (Gene Reed , AHA CEO; DeAnna & David Sprague, AHA FSS Graduate Family; Lacey Lacaze, AHA FSS Coordinator & Paul Falade, AHA CFO)

We got on the program in 2012, and 6 months later we were approved for FSS program. I, DeAnna, was hopeful for the future that this would allow my family to become sufficient and live a stress-free life together. I was able to show my daughter you don’t have live month to month and can budget with a good outcome. I always reminded myself how much easier it is to be self-sufficient and lie independently with a the assistance. I can honestly say living on welfare takes more work than it is to be self-sufficient. Today, I can say with pride and joy that my husband, David has bet his goal of maintaining employment that included insurance and benefits. Since then, he has received 4 raises within two years. I , myself, continue to set goals to achieve success. I am enrolled in CNA class this month where I plan to continue growing. I hope this inspires someone who thinks it is not possible. Quitting is easy, but pressing through is more rewarding! I want to than FSS program, Abilene Housing Authority and the Lord for giving us the strength to push through and not quit.

David and DeAnna Sprague