Family Self-Sufficiency
Abilene Housing Authority

We got on the program in 2012, and 6 months later we were approved for FSS program. I, DeAnna, was hopeful for the future that this would allow my family to become sufficient and live a stress-free life together. I was able to show my daughter you don’t have live month to month and can budget with a good outcome. I always reminded myself how much easier it is to be self-sufficient and lie independently with a the assistance. I can honestly say living on welfare takes more work than it is to be self-sufficient. Today, I can say with pride and joy that my husband, David has bet his goal of maintaining employment that included insurance and benefits. Since then, he has received 4 raises within two years. I , myself, continue to set goals to achieve success. I am enrolled in CNA class this month where I plan to continue growing. I hope this inspires someone who thinks it is not possible. Quitting is easy, but pressing through is more rewarding! I want to than FSS program, Abilene Housing Authority and the Lord for giving us the strength to push through and not quit.

David and DeAnna Sprague


Pictured from left to right in the picture:  (Gene Reed , AHA CEO; DeAnna & David Sprague, AHA FSS Graduate Family; Lacey Lacaze, AHA FSS Coordinator & Paul Falade, AHA CFO)







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